When will meals be available again?
We launched in July 2017 and have had the opportunity to see where we should focus our time, energy and investment. We have transitioned to a company that focuses on healing from within using methods that anyone can benefit from in a simple way. We have seen an increase in people who are interested in detoxing and healing their chronic illness and we fully support that. That's why we started this thing to begin with! In the future we would love to begin delivering healthy meals again. We will keep you informed!

What is your delivery process?
During checkout you have the option for local delivery or 2-day shipping. Please check out these towns for local delivery (typically within 15 minutes of our office).

When and how are my items delivered?
Juice and broth orders should be placed within 48 hours of expected delivery. For example, if you would like to start a juice cleanse on Monday, your order must be placed by Wednesday to ensure that we are able to have it delivered by Saturday!

If you will not be home during that window but have already placed your order, please notify us so that we can add ice packs for local delivery, or just leave a cooler on your porch for us to put them in! If you live in a building with a concierge service, we will ask them to hold it for you in their refrigerator if possible. If not, we can add ice packs.

Can I keep the insulated bag?
You sure can! Our insulated bags are great for grocery shopping and road trips. If you would like to return your insulated bag on our next delivery in good condition, we will deduct $5 off of your next order with us!

Are you certified nutritionists?
We are a team of certified Nutritionists, Health Coaches and Wellness Professionals. We have the proper training to guide you on your journey to health and wellness! We strive to make sure that this isn't just "food" or "juice". The purpose is to integrate as many healing foods into your diet without it being overwhelming or bland.

Where is my product made?
RealFoodRx operates out of fully licensed and permitted commercial kitchens in Shrewsbury, MA.

How can I be sure that I'm not consuming any products that I may be allergic to?
We are ServSafe Manager Certified, so all of your food is prepared in the safest manner. We also have ServSafe Allergen Certification to make sure that we are properly trained in handling customers' food and allergy needs. 

All food containers are labeled with allergens such as shellfish, dairy, peanuts, treenuts, eggs, soy and wheat. During checkout we ask that all customers make a note of any allergies. There is a reminder when placing your orders. Everything is prepared gluten and dairy-free by RealFoodRx, LLC.

Where does my food come from?
We work with local farms to get the best quality produce to you. Our first priority is local and in-season. To us, the most important thing is eating what grows around you for optimal nutrition! We process local ingredients and get them to you fast!

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