Team Bios

Quisha Papla, Founder/CEO

Over the past 20 years Quisha has struggled with an autoimmune disease called Endometriosis (stage 4). With severe symptoms as early as elementary school she has dealt with this illness. Through sports and exercise she found a way to cope.

After having a child with Congenital Heart Disease and an eventual heart transplant, Quisha's outlook on life and health completely changed. She spent over 12 years in corporate jobs but wanted to turn her passion into a movement. She needed to change her surroundings and focus on bringing RealFoodRx to life.Through a Whole Foods Plant-based diet Quisha was able to virtually get rid of her illness. She hopes to help others experience their greater life through the healing power of food and show them that "this" is real and IT IS possible to live your best life! 

Quisha is a Certified Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.